NeilMed Clearcanal Ear Wax Removal Complete Kit


Pack Size: 1 kit

Each kit contains:

  • 1 can sterile saline spray 75 ml
  • 1 bottle of ear drops 15 ml ,1 drainage collection cup and 2 ear plugs.


Ear Wax is important in preventing dirt and bacteria from causing hearing problems. If there is an excess of wax build up, ear rinsing may be necessary to soften, loosen and wash it out.


Saline Canister: USP Grade Water, USP Sodium Chloride (9 mg/mL) & USP Sodium Bicarbonate (0.5 mg/mL to 1.0 mg/mL).

Ear Drops: Active Ingredients: Carbamide Peroxide 6.5% Inactive Ingredients: Glycerin, Oxyquinoline.