Dormer 211 HyperEmollient Cream


Pack Size: 75 mL


Hyper – Emollient is highly effective in protecting and healing damaged and post-operative skin while providing maximum moisturizing.

The specific combination of ingredients forms a non greasy occlusive barrier that protects and helps heal the skin. Maximum moisturizing is achieved through retention of the skin’s own moisture while absorbing external moisture.

Helps protect extremely dry and environmentally damaged and weathered skin (winter dry).
Promotes healing of rough, scaly and cracked skin on elbows, knees, feet and other body areas.
Helps protect and promotes healing for post operative sensitive skin. Makes the face and other areas more pliable and softens any scabbing.

Hyper-Emollient results in smooth and softened skin that is highly moisturized. The non – irritating, concentrated cream is non – comedogenic and can be safely used for all skin types.